Chiesa del Pentimento


Its construction dates back to 1757 and the purchaser was Francesco Franceschini of Perugia who remembered the place where Santa Margherita found the corpse of Arsenio, in fact, near the church there is a 700 year old oak tree which, according to tradition, the viewer of the redemption of Margaret and the murder of her lover Arsenio.
The main facade has a portal surmounted by a lunette and a niche with a sacred representation. There are two side devotional windows. The internal structure is unique to the House on a rectangular plan with two small doors at the sides of the old altar and the sacristy. The presbytery is raised by one step. On the back wall is the original altar in masonry consisting of shelves with scrolls and over lying worked stucco frames . There are two paintings depicting Santa Margherita and the Madonna Enthroned. In 2001 the chapel was completely restored with parish community expenses.


pentimento quadroBorn in Laviano in 1247, she lost her mother, and was brought up by her stepmother, a jealous shrew, she was ill-treated and harassed. Beautiful, admired and courted, at 18 she ran away from home to fulfil her dream of love with a young noble from Montepulciano named Arsenio, who did not marry her even though she had a child with him. Arsenio was assassinated nine years later. (The story is that Margherita found him dead on the spot where now stands the chapel of Repentance).
Having left Arsenio with no relatives and non even from his own family, Margherita found a job in Cortona for two noblewomen as a nurse; educating her son, who would become a Franciscan, and become dedicated to the sick & poor.  With some volunteers it would become to be known as 'Poverelle which “promotes free home care” with help from prominent families in1278 he founded the hospital of Mercy. Through a period of contemplation , one Sunday he reappears in Laviano, to tell those in church, during Mass, his youth events, and to ask forgiveness.
In Cortona often people would go to the cell at the Rock which he established in 1288, asking for his intervention in the city's contentions and struggles with other cities.
In 1289 Margherita is among those who gives her life to the Confraternity of Lauds. She died in Cortona in 1297 only 50 years old.
Honored and blessed since the death, Innocent X had endorsed the cult March 17, 1653, but was only canonized May 16, 1728 by Benedict XIII with the name of Nova Magdalena.


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